Wirral Roller Derby (WRD) was founded in March 2011 by Lily D'Shrink (as Wirral Whipiteres Roller Derby League) to provide the Wirral with a Flat Track Roller Derby League that could progress as part of the rapidly growing Roller Derby community. The purpose and unified goal of WRD is to create a fun, enriching environment that develops its members' attitude, athleticism and passion for the sport.


WRD’s philosophy has three specific elements:


                    + Expanding the league to be a significant part of Roller Derby in the United Kingdom.


                     + Promoting and increasing the knowledge and appreciation of Roller Derby.


                     + Integration of the League into the community through local and national charity work.


WRD is non-discriminatory and aims to serve its local community by promoting fitness and health and accepting all members regardless of prior derby experience, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability.


WRD is non-profit and is run internally by its members and successfully promotes a ‘For the Skater by the Skater’ ethos. WRD is headed by a democratically elected Board of Directors. All positions are voluntary and every member of the League contributes to help within a department ensuring our League is run by its members. The Board of Directors aim to run the League for the greater good of all and ensure members are involved in key decision making by taking part in votes and polls and actively encouraging them to give feedback and suggestions on how to positively progress the league.


Our League’s primary goals are to continue competing against equally established teams around the UK to increase awareness and recognition of Roller Derby.


We also aim to continue to develop our officiating team, by having healthy relationships with local Roller Derby Leagues in the North West so they can gain experience from them and their officials can from us. We will continue to expand our League through regular enrolment events and have invested in kit that we loan to our prospective members for as long as they need it to ensure the sport is accessible for everyone.