Roller Derby Officiating Non Skating Official (NSO)


NSOs are a vital part of roller derby, we keep track of the scores, the penalties and the line ups, we time the jams and the skaters in the penalty box, we are the mortar that holds the skater and ref bricks together.  As a good friend once said “Without NSOs, they’re just a bunch of people skating around in an oval”.


There are 12 NSO roles needed for a game:

Jam Timer   Penalty Box Manager   2 Penalty Timers   2 Line Up Trackers

2 Penalty Trackers   Penalty Wrangler   2 Score Trackers   Scoreboard Operator


Becoming an NSO with the league is easy – message one of us and we’ll give you the info on when you’re needed and what role you’ll be doing.  We offer NSO training and support on each role beforehand so you will feel prepared when that pen and clipboard or stopwatch is given to you.


Written by Mrs Cake, HNSO




Mrs Cake AKA Leanne Crosbie is our

head NSO and can usually be found with a whistle and a stopwatch.

Inspired By : All of you!

Skates On : Ruby shoes with 3 inch heels

Best Derby Quote : "All heels. no wheels"

Extra Info : I have a Blue Peter Badge.

WRD are always in need of reliable NSOs. if you want to get involved with our league but don't want to skate then this is the perfect role for you!