Pack Animals started in October 2012, when WRD founder, Lily D'Shrink, looked at the four men at the new intake, along with the three men that were already in the league and decided it was enough to start a men's team. We have been slowly growing in number since then, to the point that we are now able to field a full roster. In getting to this point we have individually taken part in a number of scrims and bouts hosted by other leagues to build our experience and skills.


We had our first bout as a team against Barrow Infernos in September 2013, calling on a favour from Manchester Roller Derby' s Chaos Engine to fill out our roster; this was a baptism of fire, but one that we learned a great deal from.


We followed this up with a bout against Hades Roller Boys in December 2013, when we asked Barrow Infernos and Manchester Roller Derby's Chaos Engine again to help us fill out our numbers.  This was another hard fought bout, but one that also resulted in our first win.


Pack Animals are proud to announce they are the Tier 3 men's 2015 British Champions.



 Pack Animals • Wirral Men's Roller Derby